reunion with the schlegs

 tee-borrowed from sister   cardigan-Target  skinnies-Kohl's  moccasins-Minnetonka

My sister moved to Spokane with her husband and kids in July. Spokane is too far away. I miss them a lot.  These babies are some of my favorite people. And yes I believe I have the cutest nieces and nephews (and by believe I mean know) Since my younger siblings are on break for Spud Harvest (yeah we get out of school for two weeks to sort potatoes for farmers, cool right?) we made a road trip to see them :) Get ready for a lot of photos in my next post. Oh and excuse the tired, traveling for ten hours look. It was a long day...



behind the camera

I'm taking a photography class this semester and I love it! Photography has always interested me and I've played around with it a lot and I love having assignments to turn in.

(yeah I'm not behind the camera in this, but I took it. I promise)