Positive Affirmations

I planned to write about this in January... Sarah is my name procrastination is my game. This year instead of writing a list of resolutions I made a different list. My brother-in-law teaches a class at Salt Lake Community college. In his class he has his students write affirmation statements. They can be quite simple. The format is basically "I am ______" You can say strong, smart, kind, or anything you want to be, or already are, but you need to tell them to yourself every day. The concept is that if you tell yourself you are something you will start to believe it and it will become true. It makes perfect sense. So I put my list together. I forget to say them (a lot) but I'm trying. So if you are ever feeling down. You feel you aren't pretty enough, or talented. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you are. You are a ten, you can take on the world and you will. Love yourself. You deserve it.