I am definitely one to doubt myself. I think as a human being it is pretty normal. I'm always scared to do something because in my mind the probability of it turning out how I want it to is to low. I tend to be scared and cautious. What a stupid way to act. I know.

When I started college I didn't know what I wanted to do. I ended up declaring and Elementary Education major because I love kids and I was something my parents were happy with. I didn't love it though. It was safe I almost instantly knew it wasn't for me. I would make list after list of things I could study and I kept putting art and photography down. I am such a creative person and I love being able to express myself. I could never make the jump though. I was sure that I would start into my art classes and look dumb because I didn't know as much. I doubted myself. The inner battle continued until last year. I was ready to just take a break from school for a year or so while I tried to figure out what I wanted to do. After many longs talks with my parents and prayers to my Heavenly Father the answer came so clear. I needed to go into art. That would be the only way I could stand staying in school long enough to graduate. I said to myself "Sarah, everyone has to start somewhere. You know that when you want something you will work hard for it, believe in yourself!" Now, a year later, I am an art student with an emphasis in graphic design and I love it. I am actually excited to do my homework. I even instagram it!

So, moral of the story. Take chances. Don't be afraid to fail or get rejected. If you never go out of your comfort zone you will never know what could have happened. How miserable would it be to live a life full of "what ifs?"


Spokane. A while later...

My life is so crazy and busy lately. I finally got a job (hurray!) but with that and school my free time is limited. I kind of need my life like that. When I am staying busy I seem to get more done and I am happier. Since today is my day off I finally have some time to blog again. (yipee!). Get ready for an overload of photos. I love a lot of things and at the very top of the list is my nieces and nephews. I can't seem to stop taking photos of them when they're around. (can you just imagine how bad I'll be with my own kids, oh man!) And Spokane is BEAUTIFUL! Seriously. I want to move there.







The End! 
I told you there were a lot!


reunion with the schlegs

 tee-borrowed from sister   cardigan-Target  skinnies-Kohl's  moccasins-Minnetonka

My sister moved to Spokane with her husband and kids in July. Spokane is too far away. I miss them a lot.  These babies are some of my favorite people. And yes I believe I have the cutest nieces and nephews (and by believe I mean know) Since my younger siblings are on break for Spud Harvest (yeah we get out of school for two weeks to sort potatoes for farmers, cool right?) we made a road trip to see them :) Get ready for a lot of photos in my next post. Oh and excuse the tired, traveling for ten hours look. It was a long day...



behind the camera

I'm taking a photography class this semester and I love it! Photography has always interested me and I've played around with it a lot and I love having assignments to turn in.

(yeah I'm not behind the camera in this, but I took it. I promise)


i want to make a ray of sunshine and never leave home

(Top-Hand-me-down  Vest-Vintage  Watch-Anne Taylor   Cords-Macy's  Flats-Kohls)

Hi! I feel like it's been a while. Maybe because it has. Here's a quick update. After the semester ended in July I moved to Logan. I live my sister (who is one of my very best friends) and her husband and worked at the Sonic there (don't be jealous, please). All I wore most of the seven weeks I was there was my red and blue polo for work or my sweats. Not to attractive I promise. I loved it there. The people I worked with were wonderful. I also became friends with one of the boys who works at the Harley Davidson store next door. Think motorcycle rides (and yes you can be jealous about that). I miss it, and them, but I was homesick as well. I sure love Rexburg. And as much as I wish I didn't have to go to school anymore, I am glad to be back.