Miracles are real. I think a lot of what we say is simply coincidence truly is the Lord's hand. He cares for us and wants us to succeed. At times it may feel that He has forgotten us and isn't answering earnest prayers. This is not true, they answers usually are just coming in a round about way.

I have been going to school for quite some time now. This past semester has been rough and I couldn't find the motivation to do my school work. I have felt incredibly anxious to get out of Rexburg and move somewhere new. I've been so unsure of what to do. I also don't have the finances to go to school next semester without taking out a small loan. I have been weighing my options over and over. Until last night when I saw I had been awarded financial aid. I didn't apply for it. I have no idea why I got it. But it's there, and that was my answer as well as a huge blessing. It isn't a huge some but it will help me get by. Our Heavenly Father cares and will help us out, usually in unusual ways.

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  1. loved reading this! miracles happen every day. good luck with your studies and future. happy new year! xx


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