calling in sick

So I was set on posting a fabulous outfit today. However, a couple things kept me from doing so.

1. It looks like this outside. (see photo above) It has been snowing on and off all day. The snow is great for all the farmers around but makes me want to stay inside all cozy and warm :)
2. I woke up at eleven because...
3. I finally have been hit with the cold my sister has been spreading around the house for a couple weeks now. My immune system must have taken the day off. Don't worry I'm not to upset about it. (as long as it doesn't take to long to get over.

So instead of showing you what I am wearing (trust me it isn't anything special) I've decided to tell a story! Hurray!

So I have this condition where I can't pass up vintage dresses I see at the D.I. (for any of you who don't know what that is it is just the Mormon version of Goodwill). I mean to get a rad vintage dress for say four or six dollars. That is unheard of! It makes me especially happy when I find dresses with the tags still on. (see photo below)

Isn't that magical? I mean here are these awesome vintage dresses that have never been worn! Bran new for me :)

Ok so for the story part of this post. I was found a perfect bran new vintage dress yesterday at D.I. When I was marveling at it at home I looked more closely at the tag. As you see Alice Harrop had this dress on lay-away. Cool right? What makes it even cooler is that I am related to Alice Harrop. Crazy right? I know! I feel like it was destiny :)

Well I will get back to my sick day (it just told me that it misses me). Doesn't it look beautiful? Oh and they are a part of it as well. (I love me some Gilbert Blythe)

(via Pinterest)