shopping is the best medicine

(Scarf-Gap, Striped top-Macy's, Top-American Eagle, Skirt-Forever21, Boots-Madden Girl via Macy's (similar)

Is it bad that shopping makes me feel better? When I've had a rough day if I just buy a new top or some new shoes it makes life seem happy :) Also I feel like I can't leave a mall without at least one bag in my hand. (Maybe I should see a shrink....)

I would consider myself a generally happy person but around this time of year I feel blue a lot. It is combination of things such as the crappy weather and having too much time on my hands (I am so much happier when I'm kept busy). So what do I do? Run away to Utah to shop! (and see my wonderful, lovely, and super hot sisters that live there). It gives me that extra burst of cheer to get me by until summer time!

So moral of the story, if you are feeling sad just head over to your local Macy's, H&M, Target, Thrift store, or what every store you prefer and get something new! Oh and chocolate is a definite must as well :)


  1. It really, really is. I totally agree. To bad we don't have a local H&M, but target is a good option!

  2. Cute outfit! I like your style :)

  3. i am your newest follower!



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