don't worry, be happy.

The future scares me a lot lately. There are so many different directions my life could go in the next year or so and I'm scared I'll make the wrong choice. Everyone keeps giving me the same advise and it's finally starting to sink in. My future is bright :) and things usually seem the absolute worst right before something great and wonderful happens. Sometimes the silver lining in our clouds is easy to forget, but it's always there waiting for us to remember it.

My grandpa used to say to my mom "Michelle, happiness is a choice." Meaning no matter what life throws at us and how much we may feel like giving up or running away only we can decide if we will be happy or not. We only have one life, we have to make each day worth it. Leading an unhappy life is not my style at all. So here is a toast to be happy and to remember all the great things in our lives. So who is with me? Who will choose to be happy? (and just because you choose to be happy doesn't mean you can't cry, crying is healthy and necessary! but don't do it for to long or you'll get a headache.)


  1. Hahaha! YES! I totally agree, Sarah! Life is definitely what you make it! :) :)

  2. Agreeeeeed!


  3. You are awesome Sarah! Great things are in store for you!


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