Day of love

 (Striped top- Gap, Floral top-Macy's, Belt-New York & Company, Jeggings-Gap, Earrings-Thrifted)

I've always had a bad attitude about Valentine's Day. My plan this year was to host a party and have everyone were black and watch a horror movie (and I don't even like horror movies that much). It was going to be my rebellion against the holiday. Then I had a mighty change of heart. I thought "Yes, I am lonely and don't have anyone to celebrate this day of love with. However, there are people who have it worse than me." Then came my great idea! I decided to make it a day of service. You sort of forgot all of the things stressing you out and making you unhappy when you are serving others. It's a great feeling :) I would recommend it!

Oh I also indulged myself by eating three Kripsy Kreme doughnuts along with plenty of candy. I didn't feel guilty at all. I think I deserved it.


  1. You are great. Good for you for making it a day of service. And for eating 3 donuts!!!! :) love it. Ps your top is cute cute! XOXO www.rubygirlblog.com

  2. I feel ya girl. That was a good backup plan...service always is the best remedy! And I wish I had krispy kreme where I'm from! Thanks so much for sharing the wedding blog!



  3. Glad to know I am not the only one out there that has negative feelings about Valentine's Day! However, this year I just didn't allow it to take over and make me feel bad! It was great. I just treated it like another day and focused on good things. Plus, I reminded myself repeatedly that I will not ALWAYS be alone and neither will you. :-) cute sweater and I like the floral button down poking out the collar. :-)

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