Shopping with the first lady

Earrings-Jewelry shop in Jackson Hole     Blouse-H&M     Belt-Thrifted     Maxi Skirt-Thrifted

I have had very vivid dreams lately, and they all seem so real...until I wake up. The other night I had a dream that I won a trip to go and hang out with Michelle Obama. I just kept trying to get her to take me to the mall so I could talk her into buying me a dress and Anthropologie, she only wanted to chill at the White House with her hubby. How rude, right? Maybe I'll dream of spending the day with Oprah next and she will actually buy me something. A girl can hope :)


I was made for sunny days

Cardigan-Wet Seal     Dress-Macy's     Leggings-Macy's     Boots-Macy's

I am a list maker. I write lists for just about everything. (Somewhere I still have list I wrote when I was 13. I wrote down all the kisses I wanted i.e. In the rain, on the Eiffel Tower, on stage, and even in the library. Romantic, right?) My most recent list may be jumping the gun a little. I can't help it! I am so ready for summer. I do love winter and how beautiful the world looks covered in a blanket of snow, but I love summer more. Maybe it's because I was born right smack dab in the middle of the season but I feel like life is just a little bit better in the summer. People seem to let their hair back more during the summer and just have fun. Also it is starting to get warmer (well when it isn't snowing...). So what exactly will summer bring that I'm excited for...

run a half marathon
picnics in the park
Sunday bike rides
21st birthday!
hiking table rock
summer bbq's
4th of July

Summer hurry please! I need you!


Music Mondays- Meaghan Smith

I love everything about Meaghan Smith.
Her style both in music and fashion have the perfect vintage touch.
Her music is oh so charming :)



(Vest-Vintage  Dress-Anthro via Downeast Outfitters  Shoes- Steve Madden  Earrings-Jewelry shop in Jackson Wyoming)

Am I the only one who feels famous when strangers start following you on pinterest? I'm pretty proud of my pin boards so I tend to get this weird satisfaction. I also love it when I pin something and crazy amounts of people repin it. Oh the strange things that make me happy.

So about my poor macbook pro, I just need to call Apple and see if they will fix my computer for free. If not I get to add $1200 to the loan I'm about to take out so I can buy a new one. Hurray! So until all of that gets figured out I get to use the family computer.


bad news

Yesterday I had to take my computer to the doctor's office (aka the computer help desk on campus). Last week it started freezing up a lot and then it wouldn't even turn on. They ran lots of tests on it and discovered that it wasn't the hard drive. I had to leave it over night for a more "specialized" person to run more tests on it. The diagnosis, something is wrong with my logic board (if you know what that is feel free to explain ha ha) and I am going in tomorrow to have them explain everything. 

I never realized how much I depended on my laptop. I actually go to bed when I get in bed (instead of catching up on one of my shows) and I have to share computer time with three other people. It's driving me crazy! Hopefully it gets fixed soon and won't cost me all my fun for the next few months. 
Oh and photoshop won't work for some reason on the family computer so that is the explanation of my lack of outfit posts. But here is a cute image to take my place :)

Hugs keep us alive :)