I was made for sunny days

Cardigan-Wet Seal     Dress-Macy's     Leggings-Macy's     Boots-Macy's

I am a list maker. I write lists for just about everything. (Somewhere I still have list I wrote when I was 13. I wrote down all the kisses I wanted i.e. In the rain, on the Eiffel Tower, on stage, and even in the library. Romantic, right?) My most recent list may be jumping the gun a little. I can't help it! I am so ready for summer. I do love winter and how beautiful the world looks covered in a blanket of snow, but I love summer more. Maybe it's because I was born right smack dab in the middle of the season but I feel like life is just a little bit better in the summer. People seem to let their hair back more during the summer and just have fun. Also it is starting to get warmer (well when it isn't snowing...). So what exactly will summer bring that I'm excited for...

run a half marathon
picnics in the park
Sunday bike rides
21st birthday!
hiking table rock
summer bbq's
4th of July

Summer hurry please! I need you!

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  1. Love the florals mixed with the stripes. I love lists too. My family and I do a huge bucket list in Photoshop, frame it and put it on the wall to check it off during the summer. Sounds like you have some fun ideas for this summer!



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