(Vest-Vintage  Dress-Anthro via Downeast Outfitters  Shoes- Steve Madden  Earrings-Jewelry shop in Jackson Wyoming)

Am I the only one who feels famous when strangers start following you on pinterest? I'm pretty proud of my pin boards so I tend to get this weird satisfaction. I also love it when I pin something and crazy amounts of people repin it. Oh the strange things that make me happy.

So about my poor macbook pro, I just need to call Apple and see if they will fix my computer for free. If not I get to add $1200 to the loan I'm about to take out so I can buy a new one. Hurray! So until all of that gets figured out I get to use the family computer.


  1. Cute outfit! Reallyl ike the vest :)

    I have a hard time getting into Pinterest, but I think its because I am so busy to begin with. I agree it is such a huge compilation of inspiration!

    And so sorry about the macbook ;( Boo!! Hopefully it gets fixed in your best interest!

    New follower of your blog :)

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    - Josie :: 8bitgrayscale

  2. Haha, I totally know what you mean. The first few times strangers followed me I felt so cool. It seems silly, but I can't get over it. Strangers think I have good taste!

  3. THE VEST! THE VEST! I love it so much. And I miss you, it's been like 2 weeks since I've see you! Lunch?

  4. Really, really love the shoes!



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