busy, busy, busy!

Bow-Made by me! :)      Scarf- Wetseal      Top- TJ Max       Jeggings-Macy's      Watch-NY&C      Shoes H&M

I have been so busy lately. Wow I don't know the last time I said that (and sarcastically doesn't count). As mentioned in my last post I recently got a job (I now smell like Mexican food fifty percent of the time, fun!) and I just started a new semester on Tuesday. I'm not used to this! It does feel so great to actually be doing something with my life now though, I just need to adjust accordingly. I am super excited for this semester though. I finally changed my major to something I think I will love. It will be challenging but I will actually want to do the homework (which is necessary). And I got a brand new 15 inch Macbook Pro, can I just say it is beautiful and I have been staying up later than I should because I hate putting it away for the night. So here's to a new semester!

Oh and I finally caved and tried using a tripod and self timer. My sister isn't home when I need her here to take pictures. Yeah, I found it just as difficult as I thought it would be. Any tips?


  1. You are so cute! You need to stick with this blog because it could be a hit! You have FAB style.

    1. Thank you so much! That really means a lot. :)


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