let's go to vegas!

Yes, I went on yet another trip. This was quite an unexpected trip for two reasons. One, the decision was made to go on Friday and we left Saturday. Two, my dad was the one who made the decision and let's just say he isn't the most spontaneous person. We started our journey Saturday. After a stop in Ogden for dinner at my uncles restaurant Steiny's (which I would highly recommend) and to drop my pup off at our wonderful dog sitters we made it to our first night's stay in South Jordan. Sunday after church we headed to Bryce Canyon National Park, so beautiful. Monday was a looonnnnng day (note the extra letters to exaggerate). We started out taking a hike into the canyon at Bryce. Bad idea for me. My fear of heights was reaffirmed. Times ten. To the point that I couldn't breathe and didn't think I could move my legs for a couple minutes. Yeah, it was bad. But I survived! :) After our hike we drove on over to Zion's National Park. Awe inspiring, breath taking, beauty. Next stop, St. George to see our dear friend brother Bobby. (see Monday was long!) Tuesday we reached our final destination...Vegas Baby! Most of the day we spent on the strip and that night we saw The Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian. Oh my goodness, so great! Wednesday was the end of our trip and was full of driving and left over Easter candy. (Oh we stopped in Marsh Valley on our way back and there were horses....at the gas pumps, it made me chuckle)

P.S. I promise to have an outfit post soon (tomorrow?) I recently got a job (hurray!) and I've been working almost every day. And trust me my work clothes aren't that fabulous. But I start school soon, and I have to wear clothes there :)

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  1. The horses... in the gas station.... so weird haha. Loving your blog!


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